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Grammy Town Hall

Tonight I attended an event on the 39th floor of the Wyndham Hotel in downtown Chicago entitled the Grammy Town Hall. I had been invited as a guest of John Ludwig, President of the Chicago...Read... Read more

Music Prosperity Mastery

Wow. Where do I begin? From February 28 to March 2, 2014, I attended a live event in San Diego called Music Prosperity Mastery. It was put on my good friend and music coach Tiamo...Read more... Read more

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StevePederson-Headshot01 About Steve Steve Pederson has studied guitar with several guitar masters, including Paul Henry, O. Nicholas Raths and  Dr. Jeffry Van from the University of Minnesota. Steve got his degree in classical guitar performance there in 1992. Before becoming a classical player, however, Steve was a classic rocker. Read More...

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